Thursday 6 June 2013

The print buyer’s perspective.

Have you ever wondered what happens when we stop looking at printing from the traditional printer’s perspective?  Try looking at it from the buyer’s side.   Quite honestly, the print buyer doesn’t really give a damn about how the job was printed – unless of course he’s intending to photocopy over it.  So it’s pretty much irrelevant for your marketing to trumpet about how you’ve just acquired a new XYZ Digital press.  He’s not going to understand, let alone be impressed.

All he wants is a guarantee of quality, and a short delivery time. Oh yes?  Actually, no – what he really wants is entirely different – the promotion of his business, the roll-out of that new product line, or whatever   And of course to be made to feel important – don’t we all?  So as far as your customer is concerned that elegantly printed brochure is simply a means to an end, and the real purpose is entirely different object.

To make things worse, with the advent of desktop publishing many potential buyers nurture a secret belief that they could do it themselves on their office inkjet or laser printer.  To be honest, maybe some could.

So how can we break through?  Well,  you have to convince the buyer that your offering is a necessity, rather than a luxury, that you are the best person to do it, and that if you do it, he is a lot closer to reaching his goals. Whatever they are.

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