Wednesday 7 April 2010

The final runup for IPEX

It's the final approach to IPEX now.  Got your tickets yet? (apply on line at and they should be free).
We're having the usual in-house arguments about how to make best use of our stand space, what posters for the walls, where to stay, etc, etc.  But we'll be there - Stand F323 in Hall 9, and very much look forward to meeting you there. We'll be showing of a load of new stuff, too (some of which is still under wraps).  Our new version 5 is bedding in very well and really makes our competitors seem outdated now, so we're excited about demonstrating it to you and showing you just how different it is from the rest.

Talking about that difference last night, a friend said 'but you need to encapsulate WHY you are different in a single memorable phrase'.  I've been thinking about that, and it's surprisingly difficult.  I suppose one difference is that, despite the fact that we've been going for 20 years now, we are as enthusiastic as ever.  The original creators are still hands-on on a daily basis, and we do have a tendency to worry about about getting things right, even if it takes a bit longer.  And we are concerned and have passionate arguments about 'usability' versus 'instant appeal'.  How do you put that in a single memorable phrase? I really haven't a clue!

See you at IPEX!

Richard Fergusson
The PrintSum Partnership