Tuesday 27 March 2012

Printing is obviously too difficult!

Well, I was wrong. (See previous post)

As I surmised, printing is self-evidently too difficult for Lord Sugar's apprentices.  I didn't see the actual program but I now understand that unlike in the trail I heard, they weren't actually getting their hands dirty themselves.

What they had to do was simply get some mugs and t-shirts screenprinted, and then try to flog them to the public.

In other words they weren't doing or supplying anything useful, unlike the poor benighted printing fraternity, but paying a printer to produce something which nobody had asked for or wanted, and then trying to create a market for it.  Well, I suppose it gave work to a hungry printer, and taught the apprentices about selling stuff in the market, so it can't be all bad.

I can't help wondering whether it wouldn't be more interesting to get them to do something useful for a change?

It's a mad world, my masters!


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