Tuesday 8 March 2011

A little sunshine for a change

Just back from the Graphics of the Americas trade fair in Orlando. After the coldest December in London for centuries, and a pretty chilly January, February in Florida was really warm.

We also got a very warm welcome from the American printers who were looking at our new U.S.A. version of Printsum. Thanks for all your enthusiasm. We're glad you like the new product.

We were in Florida at the invitation of RCCSA, our Spanish colleagues, who were simultaneously showing our new Spanish version - if you haven't been, I should just say that around 60% of attendees of Graphics of the Americas are non-American, and mostly Spanish-speaking. I also should mention in passing that in addition to Latin America we saw people from as far afield as Haiti, Belarus, Denmark, China, and India - it's a very international show!

Anyway, it's back to chilly London again. I'm not able to reveal just yet what this year's offerings will be. You'll just have to watch this space.

warm regards

Richard Fergusson