Tuesday 6 September 2011

The Green Shoots of Recovery?

I've always said that if the advertising industry is the sharp end of the ship - first into recession, first out - then printing, which after all mostly depends on advertising, must be the bowsprit.  So it's interesting as I talk to printers on a daily basis to notice a change starting to happen.  Whereas a month or so ago I was getting remarks like "it's OK for a bit but then it all goes dead again" or even "it's all because of the politicians - they keep talking the market down",  just recently I've been hearing "things seem to be picking up a bit".  Well, it's about time, too!

We've had a relatively quiet summer here, but that's about to change - we're off to exhibit at IPEX South Asia in Mumbai on 16th September.  I say "we" but to my great disappointment I won't be going myself as we have a family wedding for which my attendance has been secured by a 3 line whip.  I'll be sorry not to be able to catch up with old friends there.

Anyway, as we progress into Autumn ("Fall" to you Americans out there) we're looking forward to more optimism in the industry.  Maybe, just maybe, we're through the worst.  Let's hope so.

yours optimistically

Richard Fergusson

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